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voicelessfears's Journal

Voiceless Fears → An Unsent Letters Community
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Unsent Letters
♔ voiceless fears

This community is for unsent letters. If you have something you really need to get off your chest but is best unsaid, this is a place to let all that out.

Of course, there are a few rules
→No spam will be tolerated.
→Pictures over 200x200 need to be under an LJ cut
→No bashing other members/LJ users
→No "Dear Community" or "Dear Mod" posts
→No "add me!" or community promo posts
→You may screen or disable comments
→Do not delete your letter or any comments.
→No harassing comm members. If this occurs contact the mod
→Please write in letter format. You know: Dear Whoever, body of letter, closing.

Mod has the right to freeze comments, ban users, and any other actions as I see fit based on the situation. If you have any concerns or questions, you can PM the mod.

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